Cello Bows

John Clutterbuck

Contemporary English bow

Lee Guthrie

Contemporary American Bow

Lee Guthrie

Contemporary American bow

Lynn Hannings

Contemporary American bow

TB cello pernambuco tip

Gilles Nehr Cello Pernambuco

Contemporary French bow. 2017 Tête-Bêche model, made of Pernambuco wood and gold-plated titanium.

Gilles Nehr Cello Acacia

Contemporary French bow. 2018 Tête-Bêche model, made of African Acacia wood and titanium.

Monique Poullot

Contemporary French bow

Raum cello tip

Wilhelm Raum

German trade bow

Samuels cello brown tip

David Samuels

Contemporary Israeli bow. Dark brown pernambuco, strong yet supple.

David Samuels

Contemporary Israeli bow. Red pernambuco, strong and energetic bow.