Johann George Hellmer

Eighteenth-century cello

This cello was made by Johann Georg Hellmer (or “Joannes Georgius Helmer”), who was born in 1687 and worked in Prague from 1720-1770. The instrument is modelled strongly after the Amati model, with more prominent arching reminiscent of the Klotz family. Of particular note is that Ludwig van Beethoven owned and played on one of J. G. Hellmer’s violins! The exact date on the instrument label is unclear, other than being from the 1700s. The repairs were recently reinspected and deemed professionally well done and in healthy condition. In the past twenty years, it was used for professional solo recitals and concertos with orchestra, abroad and in the USA, by both Cecylia Barczyk and Frances Borowsky. 

It is currently priced at $22,000.