Jason Starkie

Del Gesu model

Instrument Description

Made in 2017, this Guarneri del Gesu model has a played-in feeling, old friend with a distinct and distinguished sound… 

Listen to this violin here: Yoshiyahu 

About the Maker

Jason Starkie is a contemporary luthier in Seattle, Washington specializing in making cellos, violins, and violas. His passion for the craft is based on his lifelong love of music combined with his experience as a painter, sculptor and woodworker. Jason apprenticed with Robert Brewer Young in New York, Spain, and France from 2001 through 2011. While learning the fine art of building and restoring string instruments, Jason found great satisfaction in his ability to use his artistic talents to tend to the intricacies of the craft. Today, Jason focuses on making instruments that deliver both power and subtlety. In 2019, Jason was awarded the Certificate of Merit for Violin Tone by the Southern Violin Association at their 2nd Biennial Competition and Conference.