Stradivarius Model G FORM

Luthier: Jordan Hess

Instrument Description

The Stradivarius G Form Model offers a wide range of tonality and color, projecting a powerful sound without sacrificing depth and clarity. This violin plays as though the source of the sound is from the instrument itself rather than from the strings. There is an immediacy and springiness to the sound without that stringiness associated with responsive instruments. There is an eagerness to go into motion and freedom of resonance. The sound is direct, but presented in a refined manner and is never offensive. 

About the Maker

Jordan Hess is a young violin maker from a small farm in east central Indiana, who first began making instruments when he was nine. Now based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Jordan makes his violins based on traditional Cremonese working methods, creating instruments with exceptional tonal qualities and playability. Jordan makes a variety of models, ranging in size from grand pattern Strads to smaller ‘Del Gesu’s, and have a tonal palette ranging from warm and colorful, to rich and powerful. As a violinist himself, Jordan pays particular care in making sure that his instruments are comfortable and ergonomic for the player.