Orest Putsentela

Instrument Description

Made in 2008, this is a wonderful advancing student instrument. It is easy to play, with good balance and sound.

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About the Maker

Orest Putsentela is a luthier, researcher, and violin designer in Lviv, Ukraine. He participated in the Wieniawski Violin Makers competition at the age of 14, and in 2003 joined both of his parents in forming the Putsentela Violin Studio, where they work together to develop and master theories of violin, viola, and cello construction and modeling using the style of Cremonese violin-making. In 2011, Orest published a 192-page manual in Ukrainian on violin making titled, “Violin Workshop: Theory and Practice of Violin Making.” In 2012, he became violin maker-in-residence of the Lviv Philharmonic, and has been a member of the VSA since 2016.