"Our students shop for instruments at all of the top dealers, but choose ones found by Borowsky with notable frequency. I have come to consider him a valuable resource for my studio and indeed the whole string department. He combines a keen ear for sound, a deep understanding of the needs of the professional string player, and a collaborative rapport with the finest contemporary makers, to find the perfect instrument for each individual. With this help, our graduates and undergraduates alike have bought modern instruments that compare favorably with the rare antiques only a few can afford, and draw the notice of renowned visitors to our school."
James Stern
Professor at the Unversity of Maryland School of Music
'"I found Emmanuel through my cello teacher who recommended his services. When I looked at the prices for the kind of cello I was looking for, his were by far the most competitive. And Emmanuel understood exactly what I needed and delivered- a quality cello that fit within my budget. The selection and purchase of the cello was a very smooth and quick process- it arrived promptly, and I was very happy with what arrived in the mail! I will definitely go back to Emmanuel when I decide it's time to upgrade."
Zoe Couacaud
"Emmanuel takes time to understand what you are looking for in an instrument and to help find the perfect match. He works tirelessly to make sure he helps you as best as he can."
Allison Reisinger
"Emmanuel goes out of his way to meet the needs of students/teachers regarding instrument and bow purchase. He is very knowledgeable and cares about the musician finding a perfect match. It was a pleasure both purchasing instruments through Emmanuel for the college, as well as recommending him to musicians beyond."
Blanka Bednarz
Professor at University of Utah